Fläpp's Shelf - 2s (Ambivalence)

per month from 5,00 plus VAT.

The double slim

The two-cheese high among the Fläpps wall shelves, so to speak. It gets along well with favourite books, but without narrow frames. Open at the top for docking. But also doubly beautiful on its own. And if you don't need a shelf at the moment, simply fold it away.

P.S.: What was not intended at all: the Fläpps shelf 80×80 is also a double secretary. If you hang the lower shelf at a sitting/working height, the upper shelf becomes a standing workstation. That's how it is with the Fläpps modules: no sooner have you found the 100th multifunction than you come across the 101st function.

Furniture in monthly instalments

up to 100% allowance from the employer!

Our furniture is available as furniture-as-a-service. From employers for their employees.

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Further product features

  • 2 different colours (white or black)
  • 2 folding shelves
  • 2 different dimensions (40cm / 80 cm height)
  • Plywood birch coated with solid-coloured HPL, stainless steel


AMBIVALENZ was founded in Berlin in 2012 by former communications strategist Malte Grieb. Since then, the label has been developing ideas for modern, mobile and flexible spaces. Trends such as "Compact Living", which embody the desire for flexible and mobile living, are taken up and implemented with modular and changeable objects. The motto is: maximum function and maximum design in minimum space.

The range consists of the main FLÄPPS line, which includes various wall shelves and a fold-out secretary, as well as a make-up cabinet, wardrobes and the world's most space-saving folding chair.

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