Concept F Floor Lamp (Molto Luce)

per month from 18,50 plus VAT.

The "Concept F" free-standing luminaire is designed to be mounted at the front/next to the desk and still illuminate the entire workstation with maximum homogeneity. The asymmetrical free-form reflectors direct the light specifically onto the workstation and ensure glare-free visual comfort.

The lamp is dimmable via a membrane switch and also has a practical USB port for charging electronic devices.

Furniture in monthly instalments

up to 100% allowance from the employer!

Our furniture is available as furniture-as-a-service. From employers for their employees.

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Further product features

CONCEPT F STAND LUMINAIRE made of aluminium, microfacetted free-form reflector beam angle for individual workstation, light colour 3000K (warm white), direct/indirect light emission 30:70, UGR <19, with control gear, max. 1500mA, dimmable: push dim, black cable, IP20, membrane switch with USB connection (max. 1A)

The CONCEPT floor lamp is available in the version LEFT and RIGHT. The LEFT model is classically positioned on the left of the desk at the rear table leg, RIGHT on the right. It can also be used the other way round, but the position should be in the middle between the table legs (instead of at the very back).

There are also two different colour versions:

  • black, similar to RAL 9005
  • white, similar to RAL 9016

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