Home office furniture: buy or lease?

Working models such as "mobile working" or "hybrid working" have become the de facto standard in many companies. This automatically brings them into the focus of occupational health management and occupational safety.

Many companies therefore want to equip their employees' home offices better and more ergonomically in the future. And they are prepared to spend money on it. But investing does not necessarily have to mean buying!

Our smart leasing model for home office furniture offers many advantages over a purchase by the company:

Home office equipment...
Fundamental differences:
Upfront investment not applicable
Accounting in own books not applicable
Suitable as a benefit

(Individual selection + purchase option)

Standard runtime for furniture
5 years

(terms from 15 months possible)

13 years


Options after maturity:
Purchase option for employees:in

(estimated purchase price based on new price)

Cancellation or return of furniture possible

(13 years AfA)

Options in the event of early termination:

(fluctuation etc.)

Take home to the new employer
Replacement by employee:in
Optional services such as return transport or furniture pooling

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