Manual treadmill MT300 NEW WORK (Walkolution)

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Working while walking - the ultimate in health-promoting workplace design.

Walkolution® is the inventor of the whisper-quiet treadmill for the office and home office. Extremely high-quality, maintenance-free mechanical components. Handmade in Germany. Lifetime warranty.

Always one step ahead!

The model MT300 is a compact and quiet manual treadmill with scratch-resistant, melamine-coated running surface. Optionally available with standing support. No electricity is required for operation!

Length 140 cm
Width 64 cm
Height 27 cm

Treadmill 85 kg (+ standing aid: 5.8 kg)

Permissible user weight
160 kg


The treadmill

- The world's first almost silent treadmill (under 39 dB)
- Maintenance-free with lifetime warranty
- Multiple award-winning design
- Works without electricity
- High quality and sustainable materials
- Loadable up to 160 kg
- Usable with shoes or barefoot

The advantages

- For concentrated, creative and efficient work
- Understood intuitively in a few minutes, by any age group.
- Suitable for home offices, companies, libraries, co-working spaces
- The user determines the speed of walking, step by step
- The treadmill adjusts without delay.

Optional standing aid:

- For small breaks in between
- To lean back
- Safe: The treadmill stops and blocks in the opposite direction when you lean.
- Standing aid never in the way even when walking or running fast due to special shape
- Covered with elastic nylon for a comfortable resting position
- Removable at any time


- Four wheels make the treadmill mobile
- Easy to reposition
- The wheels are lockable
- Also suitable for stone and parquet floors
- The treadmill fits through most doors and into most lifts.

Production of the treadmill

- Handmade at Walkolution in Southern Germany
- Exclusive use of sustainable materials
- Side parts are milled from solid beech wood blocks.
- Tread made of springy birchwood slats
- Coating is scratch resistant and soft
- The slats slide on industrial quality ball bearings.
- Rock solid steel frame inside for safe operation

3D model


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Standing aid

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