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We offer telephone booths and meeting boxes from renowned brand manufacturers! This means: our telephone boxes are made of high-quality materials (real wood, acoustic fabrics), have a durable construction (steel or aluminium profiles) and have optimal ventilation and light conditions as well as an attractive design. 

We are specialists in office furniture leasing and office furniture rental - our customers therefore benefit from attractive conditions and favourable monthly instalments. We also regularly offer returns from leasing for sale at particularly attractive prices.

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Telephone booths - the perfect solution for modern working environments 

Phone booths and meeting boxes are essential elements in many offices today. With the increasing importance of communication and virtual collaboration in the business world, these specially designed boxes are the ideal solution to create a quiet and productive working environment.

Phone booths provide a private and soundproof environment for phone calls and video conferences. They feature high-quality acoustic materials that absorb sound and ensure privacy. Their compact size means they can be integrated into almost any space, be it open-plan offices, coworking spaces or home offices.

Besides telephone booths, meeting boxes have also become an important facility. These boxes provide a segregated space for meetings, discussions and teamwork. With various equipment options such as whiteboards, screens and conferencing technology, they enable effective and interactive meetings. They also offer the opportunity to have confidential conversations or focus on important projects without disturbing other staff.

However, the benefits of telephone booths and meeting boxes go beyond mere soundproofing. They contribute to employee satisfaction and productivity by creating a pleasant and professional working environment. Employees can work undisturbed, take important calls and concentrate on their tasks in peace. They also encourage collaboration by providing a dedicated space for team meetings and creative ideas.

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