From the idea...

Around Christmas 2020, Daniel's back started complaining about the chair in his home office, which did not meet his ergonomic requirements.

Three sessions with the orthopaedic surgeon later, the back had been helped, but Daniel had a question stuck in his head:

How can back problems in the home office be structurally prevented? What would be an ideal solution for companies to equip all employees in the home office ergonomically? What would the processes have to look like?

The idea of a platform was born.

After Daniel had brought other co-founders on board to take over the operational management, XOROS Home GmbH was founded at the end of 2021. the self-service platform

Today, we offer far more than just a solution for ergonomic home office furniture:

  • Furniture can be booked on our self-service platform - but now also IT hardware and services from the health services and occupational health and safety sectors.
  • Whether home office or office - our desks cut a fine figure at every delivery address. That's why our platform is also being used by more and more customers for office equipment.
  • Internal services and integrated inventory management also make the platform attractive for customers who manage without our furniture.  

Management Team

Niels and Frank are the current managing directors of XOROS Home.

Niels Gundermann


Expert in the field of health, performance & prevention, experienced in organisational and cultural development

With our simple and sustainable rental model for home office equipment, we give employees the appreciation and motivation they deserve.

Frank Ehlers


IT expert and management consultant of many years, experienced in the field of financial services and eCommerce. 

Home office is here to stay - that's why clever solutions are needed! Our B2B2C model is tailored to the particularly individual requirements of the home office.

Our way

We at XOROS Home offer smart solutions for healthy and productive work from anywhere. The core of our solution is a leasing or rental model for ergonomic home office equipment: subsidised by the employer, employees can individually choose what makes them even more productive in their home office. A smart employee benefit for all those who work remotely (in whole or in part). Interesting for all companies that offer mobile working or hybrid work and want to support their employees in their home office in an uncomplicated way.

XOROS Home Home Office Furniture

Our mission

XOROS Home Office Furniture

Smart solutions for hybrid work.

Our vision

XOROS Home Office Equipment

Healthy and productive work from anywhere!

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