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The rental platform for office furniture 

Our platform is the digital solution for all companies that don't want to buy office furniture, but simply rent it. Paying for use instead of ownership saves companies valuable liquidity. At XOROS Home, we offer suitable rental options for almost all terms between a few months and several years. 

Furniture is selected, configured and booked via our rental platform. The integrated rental inventory management allows you to keep an overview throughout the entire rental period. 

Selection and configuration

Office furniture marketplace with fixed rental prices 

Simple booking

Rentals are fully digital via the rental platform

Dashboard & inventory management

Management and cost control for all rented properties. 

Whether you want to rent telephone and meeting boxes or equip entire office floors with tables and swivel chairs - our rental platform has a constantly growing selection of office furniture for you.


Phone Booths

Acoustic speakers for one person

Selection of telephone boxes

Meeting boxes

Acoustic speakers for several people

Selection of meeting boxes


Room-in-room systems

Room-in-room overview


Tables for the office

Selection of desks

Swivel chairs

Office swivel chairs

Selection of swivel chairs


Working while walking

Treadmill selection

This is a small selection of our rental furniture range. You can access the entire range, all prices and configuration options via our platform. Click here to register.


Simple processes

Stress-free hire thanks to digital platform. "Click & Rent

Rental options for all terms

Suitable rental options: Flex rental, rental over fixed terms or classic office furniture leasing.

Liquidity-preserving & immediate tax deduction

Favourable rental rates for more liquidity. In contrast to a purchase, immediately and fully deductible as operating expenses.

Attractive prices

We pass on our good purchasing conditions with the manufacturers to our customers in the form of particularly favourable prices and monthly instalments.

We cordially invite you to get your own impression of our rental platform during a live demo!

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