Walkolution treadmills for hire

Work & Walk

Walkolution® is the inventor of the whisper-quiet treadmill for the office and home office. A "Walkolution" ensures that you are always on the move - this promotes blood circulation, your health and also your creativity!

Phone calls and video conferences while walking are the ideal starting point for all Walkolution beginners. As soon as your body has got used to the new feeling of movement, you can also write texts or work with the mouse without any problems.

A highlight in any office!

Familiarisation offer

Rent a Walkolution

per month

Model Walkolution MTD700R WANDERLUST

  • incl. standing aid and desk (77 cm)
  • incl. delivery
  • simple self-assembly
  • 3 months minimum term, can be cancelled monthly thereafter

If you are interested, we will be happy to send you more information about our introductory offer. Rentals are made via our rental platform for office furniture. Click here to register.

Please note: our rental offer is only aimed at companies and the self-employed, not at private customers.

Our most popular Walkolution treadmills

Walkolution briefly explained

The Walkolution treadmills function purely mechanically through the user's own weight. This is made possible by the slightly curved design. 

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