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Our platform is the perfect rental solution for companies that want to ergonomically equip their employees working from home and want to rely on a fully integrated rental platform. With XOROS Home, companies benefit from low monthly costs, the shortest minimum terms in the industry and smart, digital and efficient processes. Thanks to the self-service function, employees can select the right equipment according to their individual needs. 

Customised corporate shop

Your own marketplace in your design

Ready to go within 24 hours

Setup - Onboarding - Ready to order 

Invite employees

Import employees, invite them and get started.

Simple billing

Monthly collective invoice with itemised statement. 

Whether as mandatory equipment or as a voluntary benefit - with our self-service platform, you can organise your employees' home office equipment quickly and efficiently: "Home office as a service" with just a few clicks!

Would you like to get your own impression of the rental platform? We will be happy to advise you!   


★ Specials ★

Our most popular furniture for the home office | short delivery times

Furniture examples

★ Premium ★

Particularly high-quality designer furniture | Standard delivery times 

Furniture examples


Health services and occupational safety in the home office


This is a small selection of our rental furniture range. You can access the entire range, all prices and configuration options via our platform. Click here to register.

Home office & hybrid work in the company

Simplify processes

Büroausstattung mieten geht nirgends so effizient wie mit unserer durchdachten Plattform-Lösung, die alle Miet-Prozesse digital abbildet!

The usual email ping-pong, countless iterations of quotations and Excel chaos are a thing of the past. Even the different equipment requirements of employees can be managed without any problems.

Keep an overview at all times and use a platform solution optimised for hybrid working with the following functions: 

  • Own corporate shop
  • Approval workflow
  • Digital inventory management
  • Management of locations, departments, employees and access rights 
  • Extensive integration and expansion options
  • Integrate your own offers into the employee shop


Simple processes

Self-service function, authorisation workflow, intuitive management of users, locations and departments.

Healthy & ergonomic

Ergonomic equipment in the home office promotes health, performance and satisfaction.

IT equipment

Directly integrated: Hire of hardware and software, laptops, monitors, etc.

Flexible terms

Flexible terms ensure low costs in the event of employee turnover.

Attractive prices

We pass on our good purchasing conditions with the manufacturers to our customers in the form of particularly favourable prices and monthly instalments.

Liquidity-preserving & immediate tax deduction

Favourable rental rates for more liquidity. In contrast to a purchase, immediately and fully deductible as operating expenses.

We cordially invite you to get your own impression of our rental platform during a live demo!

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Homeoffice-as-a-Service: FAQs

What is "Homeoffice-as-a-Service"?

Home office as a service refers to a range of services aimed at improving and professionalising the working environment in the home office. In addition to the provision of ergonomic office furniture also Services in the field of health services and occupational safety by a specialised service provider such as XOROS Home.

Who is "Homeoffice-as-a-Service" suitable for?

Homeoffice-as-a-Service is popular with companies that want to equip their employees to work from home - whether voluntarily (benefit) or as a result of statutory regulations (e.g. employment contracts with a 100% remote component). 

Where does the term "Homeoffice-as-a-Service" come from?

The term "Homeoffice-as-a-Service" is based on the well-known principle of "Software-as-a-Service" (SaaS for short). Accordingly, "Homeoffice-as-a-Service" is also designed as a subscription model, i.e. the service is billed in monthly instalments. In a broader sense, the term "Furniture-as-a-Service" (FaaS) is often used, and occasionally also "Furniture-as-a-Service" (MaaS).

How is "Homeoffice-as-a-Service" implemented contractually?

From a legal perspective, Homeoffice-as-a-Service is usually implemented either as leasing (financial service) or as rental (transfer for use). At XOROS Home, we generally offer both options, but generally recommend the rental option, as this best meets the special requirements of the home office in terms of flexibility.

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