Service models and prices


with monthly



Platform use / Corporate shop

Please note: The platform usage fee is offset against the monthly instalments. Therefore, as a rule, this fee only comes into effect if you only offer internal services via the Corporate Shop or only use the inventory.

You can find out more about the scope of services in the section Platform functions.

Number of employees*
Price per month** (plus VAT)
up to 5 employees
free of charge
up to 20
59 €
up to 50
119 €
up to 100
219 €
up to 200
419 €
up to 500
1019 €
up to 750
1519 €
up to 1000
1990 €
from 1000
on request

* Number of employees created on the platform.

** The platform usage fee is reduced by the sum of the monthly instalments if you use our furniture rental at the same time.

As-a-Service models

We offer companies two different options for purchasing furniture in monthly rates for themselves and their employees:

Classic leasing is characterised by particularly favourable monthly instalments, which are made possible by a fixed term (for office furniture from 60 months). For Classic Leasing, we work together with well-known German leasing companies. 

Our Flex-Rent allows maximum flexibility at reasonable costs and is therefore ideal for all companies that shy away from the fixed term commitment of Classic Leasing.

The following applies to both as-a-service models: with us, there is no minimum purchase, a smart, process-optimised platform and, in any case, high-quality brand-name furniture. 

We would be happy to clarify which option is best for your company in a discussion.

Additional module "Stock inventory

Price per month (plus VAT)
up to 100 inventory items
free of charge
per 2,000 additional inventory items
99 €

What does the module do?

The inventory overview included in the basic module contains all services booked via the Corporate Shop. However, many customers also want to integrate existing inventory into this view that has been purchased elsewhere. The additional module "Inventory" offers an easy way to do this.

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