Platform use: Modules & Prices

Basic module "Corporate Shop

The use of the basic module of our platform is free of charge, provided that a minimum monthly turnover** is achieved in the Corporate Shop. Otherwise, the following usage fees apply:

Basic module "Corporate Shop
Prices per month (plus VAT)
up to 500 employees *
25€ **
from 501 employees:inside *
250 € **
from 2,501 Employees *
on request **

* Number of employees who are created as users on the platform.
** The usage fee for the basic module is reduced by the sum of the monthly instalments if you book our furniture offer at the same time.

Range of functions: With the basic module you get access to all the Core functions of the platformCorporate shop / marketplace, authorisation workflow, digital inventory management for rented and leased products, management of locations, departments, employees and access rights.

Additional module

Usage-based costs are incurred for the extensions "Offer internal services in the shop" and "Inventory management" as well as for the permanent management of purchased items*: 

Add-on modules "Internal Services & Inventory"
Basic fee per month (plus VAT)
Usage-based fee** per month (plus VAT)
up to 100 positions
25 €
0.50 € per inventoried item
from 251 positions
0.45 € per inventoried item
from 501 positions
0.40 € per inventoried item
from 1,001 positions
0.35 € per inventoried item
from 2,501 positions
0.30 € per inventoried item
from 5,001 positions
0.25 € per inventoried item
from 10,001 positions
Enterprise tariff:
Please ask for a customised offer!

* In contrast to rented or leased products, purchased products/services are not inventoried by default, but are only listed in the order history. The management of purchased products over their lifetime (change location, change employee assignment, etc.) requires the additional module for inventory management. You can decide which purchased products are to be inventoried for a fee with each purchase.

** we bill monthly exactly according to actual usage and apply the graduated prices shown in the table, which become more favourable as the number increases. Each ordered and inventoried internal service, each direct inventory entry and each purchased and inventoried service count as one item. Example: With a total of 1,500 inventoried items, we charge €550 per month (basic fee €25 + 1,500 x €0.35).

Details on the functional scope of the additional module "Inventory" can be found here.

As-a-Service models

We offer companies two different options for purchasing furniture in monthly instalments for themselves and/or their employees:

Classic leasing is characterised by particularly favourable monthly instalments, which are made possible by a fixed term (for office furniture from 60 months). For Classic Leasing, we work together with well-known German leasing companies. 

Our Flex-Rent allows maximum flexibility at reasonable costs and is therefore ideal for all companies that shy away from the fixed term commitment of Classic Leasing.

The following applies to both as-a-service models: with us, there is no minimum purchase, a smart, process-optimised platform and, in any case, high-quality brand-name furniture. 

We would be happy to clarify which option is best for your company in a discussion.

For a first cost estimate, please use the following calculation tool:

What total costs should I expect?

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