OmniRoom Meet 4×4 - Closed - 6 people (MUTE)

per month from 954,00 plus VAT.

including delivery & assembly!

Available in terms of 24/36/48/60 months. Purchase possible on request.

This room is designed for meetings and offers space and tranquillity for up to 6 people.


The world of work is constantly changing. So should your office. OmniRoom is a modular room-in-room system from the manufacturer MUTE that paves the way for a flexible revolution in office design. Effortless arrangement and reorganisation. Build multifunctional, construction-free work centres from the ground up. Connect different configurations and customise them freely to meet the needs of your growing business.

You can find many more configurations on our OmniRoom overview page. You are also welcome to visit our virtual showroom.

Zusätzliche Angaben



Floor space



Closed structure


6 persons

OmniRoom scope of services

The OmniRoom modules include the following components as standard (exemplary list to illustrate the principle):

  • Structural design (e.g. wall modules, glass modules, doors, ceiling modules)
  • Electrics (e.g. ventilation ceiling module, power connection, presence sensor, LED lighting)
  • Interior fittings, provided they are attached to walls or the ceiling (e.g. shelves, hanging cabinets, wall hooks, curtain rails, curtains, TV mounts, wall-mounted tables) 

In the module price of OmniRoom not are included:

  • Floor coverings and carpets (OmniRoom is installed free-standing in the room)
  • Furniture and interior fittings that are not connected to the wall or ceiling of the module (e.g. seating, free-standing tables, etc.). These must be purchased separately or existing furniture can be used
  • Decorative objects

Each OmniRoom module is available in 7 different colour worlds:

OmniRoom has a modular structure and can grow with changing needs (extension) or be remodelled. The wall elements are available in 1 metre or 0.5 metre increments and can therefore be recombined in almost any way.

Further product features

3D model:

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