MEET-UP Plus soundproof booth (Studiobricks)

per month from 332,00 plus VAT.

including delivery & assembly!

Available in terms of 24/36/48/60 months. Purchase and flex rental possible on request.

Studiobricks is a Spanish manufacturer of soundproof booths and has grown up with specialised products for the music / studio / audio recording sector. The original Studiobricks product range therefore comes from an area in which acoustics play the main role and in which completely different demands are placed on sound insulation and sound quality than in a conventional office. So it's no wonder that the Studiobricks office range also boasts the best sound insulation values on the market and meets the highest standards. Specifically, Studiobricks booths generally offer 45 dB sound insulation.

The MEET-UP-Plus model range from Studiobricks offers various equipment options for concentrated work in pairs or for short meetings with up to four people on a floor area of 1.21 x 1.98 metres. The following versions are available from us:

  • MEET-UP-Plus Stand: Double workstation with counter at a fixed height for two people to work side by side while standing.
  • MEET-UP-Plus Ergonomic: with height-adjustable desk and space for up to four stools or standing meetings
  • MEET-UP-Plus Sit: equipped with two sofas and table for seated meetings with up to 4 people
  • MEET-UP-Plus Video Call: with counter at fixed height, monitor attachment and including monitor with touchscreen and camera.

The MEET-UP-Plus soundproof booth can be individually configured; other colours, other materials, glazed rear walls, etc. are available for an additional charge. We will be happy to advise you on the options relevant to you!

Further product features

3D model:

(here in the "MEET-UP-Plus Sit" version)

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