Formula 1 & Co ensure peak performance in the home office

For decades, motorsport has been one of the technical innovation drivers par excellence. There is probably no other sport in which the possibilities of technology and materials are so fully exploited as in Formula 1 & Co. Not only engines and tyres play a role, even the furniture industry is shaken up by racing!

The talk is of gaming chairs

The technical roots of the gaming chairs lie not in gaming but in motor sports. From there, the bucket seats originally designed for the racetrack found their way into the gaming scene. And from there, it was only a small step into the home office...

The inventor of the gaming chair is DXRacer, a manufacturer based in Michigan, the centre of the American automotive industry. In 2006, they made a virtue out of necessity: since sales with the local car manufacturers were threatening to collapse, they designed chairs especially for the gaming scene. The success was so great that in the meantime even established furniture manufacturers such as the German company Interstuhl have started to market their own gaming chairs.

Gaming Chair ManufacturerMarket entrySegments
DXRacer2006Originally automotive industry, today only gaming
Recaro2018Automotive industry, aircraft seats, gaming
Backforce (a brand of Interstuhl)2020Gaming
Well-known gaming chair manufacturers and their market entry

So if you want to achieve maximum performance while working in your home office, a gaming chair is a good choice! Ergonomics has always been a top priority there!

Tip: We offer gaming chairs on lease - supported by the employer!

Because gaming chairs are ideal for the home office, it was only a matter of time before we included them in our range. Now the time has finally come!

By the way: With our clever leasing offer - the "home office on duty", we enable the costs to be covered or a tax-free subsidy to be paid by the employer! Our Advantage calculator shows how much savings there are for employees!

Photo by Zac Wolff on Unsplash


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