Reset for the sit-stand table: this is how it works

Electrically height-adjustable desks are a wonderful invention and it is impossible to imagine modern offices and well-equipped home offices without them. Every now and then, however, the electronics of the motors may call for a reset.

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In which cases does a reset or re-initialisation help?

A reset of electrically height-adjustable desks is necessary during initial assembly, as well as after a longer standstill or if the plug connection between the motor and the control element has been disconnected. Even if the desk is stuck and no longer moves, a reset can be the solution. Because: The initialisation or reset serves to bring the two lifting columns of the desk to the same level. Otherwise, the mechanism may not be extended synchronously and parallel, but at a slight angle and then jammed.

If your desk has a digital display for height adjustment, the reset will usually recalibrate it.

How do I reset my sit-stand table?

Many manufacturers use a similar procedure, but we describe the most common one here. A short video can be found at the top of the article.

  • Press and hold down the Up and Down buttons simultaneously (alternatively: press and hold the Down button or keep it pressed in the lowest table position).
  • The table moves to the synchronisation position (usually downwards)
  • On models with a display, it may also be necessary to confirm with the down button as soon as the display shows RESET/RST or similar.
  • The successful reset is indicated by the table with a short nod or crack.

Tip: If this does not help, disconnect the power supply to the table for approx. 20 seconds (pull out the plug) and try the reset described above again. This will force the control unit itself to restart.

Attention: The collision or collision protection is normally deactivated during reset. Therefore, make sure that no objects are in the way when the table is lowered!

If these general instructions do not help with your table and you do not have your manufacturer's instruction manual at hand, you may find what you are looking for by doing a quick search on the Internet. There are numerous videos and quick guides for every manufacturer and almost every table model.

If you have purchased your desk through us, our customer support will of course be happy to help you.

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