8 tips for a healthy back in the home office

The first part of our live webinar series with Stefan Grund took place on 15.03.2022. We summarise his Take Home Messages again here.

Part 1: Myths of back health: We clear up the biggest misconceptions

  1. Just because it's an office job doesn't mean it's a sitting job.
  2. Find the courage to move at work
  3. Fight fatigue with activity
  4. Multitasking: Listen to your body and stay productive at the same time
  5. Create new healthy habits by getting rid of bad ones
  6. Set realistic goals
  7. Check your ergonomics
  8. Put your mental health first

The other parts of the series with Stefan Reason:

Part 2: Understanding pain: Why Pain Should Be Your Friend (21.03.2022 14:00-14:20)

Part 3: Posture in the Home Office: The Next Posture is the Best Posture (30.03.2022 14:00-14:20)

Stefan Grund is a physiotherapist with a Master of Science in sports physiotherapy and owner of Elbmedicum, a private practice for sports and physiotherapy. In addition to his focus on manual therapy, he specialises in advising and supporting competitive and ambitious recreational athletes from training to competitive fitness.


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